Campaign against Heads of State Staying too long in Office

Suggestion: Discouraging Heads of State Time to stay in office longer than Eight Years

Description: This suggestion may be promoted through non-for-profit groups (ONG’s), academia and the media. The objective of this project is to demand from intergovernmental organizations the establishment of a “negative” status  for those countries whose leaders in office  (President, Prime Minister, Head of Government…) have stayed in power longer than eight years as individuals or through immediate relatives (wife, children or grandchildren. Every country is to adhere to this initiative by making it part of its Constitution (when it is not already there). While the exclusion of dictatorship countries from some organizations is not convenient/ appropriate, such countries might be vetoed to occupy certain important positions within the organization.

Drivers: Leaders of countries with active and functioning democracies, and focus groups everywhere.

Pros: Reduction of the number of country dictators worldwide and of the corruption generated from  leaders & their families being reelected indefinitely.

Cons: Loss of opportunity to keep exceptional leaders in office for longer periods.


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