Conflict of Interest Policy for Government & Private Companies

Suggestion: Set a standard for senior employees of government offices & private companies to yearly signing a conflict of interest declaration.

Description: Such policy would ban business transactions between employees or their immediate family, on one side, and any government & company unit within the sphere of influence of the employee. Whenever such transactions occur or might occur, employees must advise their superiors (and media in the case of senior government officials) about the existence of the actual or potential ethical conflicts.

Drivers: Intergovernmental organizations and national governments

Source: This idea comes from the experience of the owner of this website as the Coordinator & Driver Agent of the Business Ethics / Conflict of Interests Policies for five years in Intercol & Esso Colombiana, the Colombian affiliate of Exxon Corporation.

Pros: The wide implementation of this practice should lead to increased awareness of ethical behavior in public offices and private companies​ with the consequent reduction of corruption.

Cons: Size of this undertaking. The magnitude of this urgent effort may be sized down by restricting the initial effort to top officers (both in Government and private sector) to begin with. Many large corporations already have such practices in place.


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