Implanted Radio Link Protocol Hearing Aid

Suggestion: Bone (implanted) or teeth (removable) Radio Link Protocol Hearing Aidâ

Description: This hearing aid has two components: An external microphone that acts as the voice sending of a cell phone (and looks very much​ like a cell phone), and a device that gets the signals from the microphone and converts them into sound vibrations that travel through impaired person skull bones to the cochlea. The microphone is portable and the patient locates it at the most convenient place to collect the sound signals (for instant, the mouth of the person speaking in a one-to-one conversation).

Pros: The person talking does no need to get close to the hearing impaired person. The ‘phone’ is passed on to whoever is the next to speak.

Cons: Rotating the ‘phone’ among several/many people might become cumbersome.

Drivers: Designers & Manufacturers of hearing aids.


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