Return signs indicating drivers that certain crossings & places are in the opposite direction

Suggestion: Place U-turn signs on certain road after some important site & landmark might have been missed.

Description: Have you ever missed a road turn you had to make to reach your destination and kept driving in the wrong way? (This might happen even when you are using your GPS, which normally tells you so and the device gets temporarily ‘disoriented’ or ‘believes’  you have reached your destination). This may be avoided by placing U-turn signs indicating that, if you are looking for a town, a touristic place, a highway or a certain important site. Drivers would know that they have to go back. Sign commonly advise about what is ahead, not what you have passed.

Pros: Savings of gas & time.

Cons: Cost? Interested ‘important’ site managers might pay for the implementation of this idea; it will benefit its business & interest.

Drivers: Managers of businesses that demand visitors, traffic authorities, and, why not, gas stations.


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