Voters Motivation to Understand Political Candidates Proposals

Suggestion: Implementation of TV & Radio Game Shows with Prizes to Participants with Best Knowledge about  running candidates proposals as well as candidates résumés, accomplishments, strong points and weaknesses.
Description: Voters worldwide have very little knowledge of neither actual experience & personal accomplishments and shortcomings of political candidates for government positions nor their actual project proposals /project implementation plans. People make decisions on the candidates they are voting for very much the same way they choose products & services where advertising plays the most significant role. The idea is running TV & Radio game shows, partially sponsored by governments, in which participants compete on questions about candidates’ proposals, plans and personal histories. Through these programs there could be open controlled exchange about available data (not discussion of proposals, the ‘what’, not feasibility or convenience) which would illustrate voters & promote intelligent voting.

During election seasons, establish TV programs that sponsor Jeopardy type shows in which participants must answer questions about candidates strengths, shortfalls, accomplishments, etc. as well as the programs they are offering and the way how they are going to fulfill their promises.

Pros: Voters improved knowledge about office candidates. In very concrete sentences, candidates would provide their strengths; opponents would point out weaknesses.

Cons: Controlling the flow of data (pros & cons) is difficult therefore challenging.

Drivers: Government & Interest Groups.


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