Book: Inner Harmony

Inner Harmony

through Mindfulness Meditation

This book is about inner harmony and how we can achieve it. It is about the actions to take—the cravings to let go of, the aversions to release, the biased views to correct—in order to allow the spontaneous blossoming of inner harmony.

What is inner harmony? It is an internal state that permits us to be at peace and act confidently even in the face of difficulties. We must not run after this state. Rather, the task is to remove the barriers—the cravings, aversions and biased views—that block its appearance in our lives. And mindfulness meditation is the tool to remove such barriers. Modern science is now not only confirming the benefits of mindfulness meditation but also beginning to understand the way our nervous system readjusts with meditation in order to quiet down our cravings, aversions and biased views. This book aims, in part, to summarize the mental and emotional changes that result from applying the practices presented here. But readers will only be truly convinced when they know by direct experience that mindfulness meditation is leading them to inner harmony.

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