The section CreaIDEAtivity in this website contains a number of general or specific recommendations that come (mostly) from Gustavo Estrada. These ideas should generate benefits to organizations and groups that implement them. This site is dynamic; we will keep adding items as new suggestions come up to our mind. We will also remove whatever definitely proves useless, impractical or senseless. (Excessive idealism is no reason to remove an idea.)

CreIDEAtivity is a recollection of Gustavo Estrada’s digressions and ‘personal brainstorms’ over several years. Summaries are presented in a straightforward format (Title, Subtitle, Descritiption, Drivers).

​This section is also an invitation for other people to produce a record of their creative ideas in their blogs or websites. Most everybody comes up with excellent suggestions to improve something but they do nothing about. Perhaps, by leaving a short description in their blogs or websites, they will inspire somebody else that has the enthusiasm, drive and money to put into action something that might be really valuable. ”

If anything, facilitators of brainstorming sessions might present the lists here to their groups so that participants open up their minds and come out from the standard way of thinking. Facilitators can then tell their audiences: “Do you think these ideas are crazy, too idealistic, unfeasible, unreachable? Then, please, make now recommendations that are crazy, idealistic, unfeasible and unreachable​ because the standard ones do not seem to be working”.​

​Exclusive Rights. If a company, group or person would like to request the removal of an idea from this site for ‘exclusivity’ o ‘preferential’ purposes, please send us an e-mail. Please specify the idea to be removed and provide a short description of the project where the implementation is being considered.

​New Ideas & Suggestions for Current ones: Readers’ comments & suggestions are welcome. Please e-mail them to Also, if you want to contribute with an original idea (obviously your own), send it to same e-mail address, following the standard format: Suggestion, Description, Pros, Cons, Drivers. If published, author’s name and e-mail will be displayed. Contributors ​will always get an answer.