Mind & Understanding

Can Machines Think?

​​​​​​Alan M. Turing (1912-1952) Alan Turing –mathematician, cryptographer, philosopher, master of logic– is considered the father of artificial intelligence (the […]


Are we Rational or Intuitive?

Reason is the power of mind to think logically. Intuition is the ability to reach knowledge without going through reasoning. […]


Is Mind a Sixth Sense?

As everybody knows, the five conventional senses are sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Their associated organs–eyes, ears, nose, tongue […]


Reality and Fantasy

Years ago a friend, let’s call him Pedro, an amateur magician who really enjoyed his own shows, told me something […]


Dementia and Euthanasia

The living will is a document in which a person states his or her choice to die rather than to […]


Absolutism and Groupthink

The propensity towards corruption of undisputed authority and the tendency to dysfunctional decisions of very cohesive groups are facts recognized […]

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